1. Are You A Fixer Or A Coach?

    January 31, 2013 by Elaine Suess

    Recently, I’ve had conversations with business owners and leaders about the challenges they have helping employees solve problems. These conversations led to discussions on the difference between consulting and coaching, and what this means for leaders.

    In simplest terms, consultants are often hired to help companies solve problems, and are brought in to provide answers to those problems. Coaches approach problems and challenges in an entirely different way; recognizing that most times, the client or employee already knows the solution but doesn’t see it.

    As A Leader, Where Do You Stand?  

    Most leaders have a choice to make each day.

    Consultant or Coach?

    Fixer or Developer of People?

    Two of the leaders with whom I spoke mentioned recent, specific instances when they acted as Fixers. Employees approached them with problems, and the leaders fixed the problem.

    In our conversations, both leaders realized (more…)

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