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Hope. Gratitude. Joy.

At the end of the year, I’m looking forward to helping activate even more positive change, and am spending time reviewing:

  • Successes, to see how I can create more of them for me and for my clients in 2013
  • My strengths, to see how I can use them more fully to serve
  • The things and relationships for which I’m grateful 

These each align with the Big Three –

Hope. Gratitude. Joy.

Hope is a feeling of great expectation – it’s about looking forward to see what’s possible. There is so much undiscovered possibility for all of us, just waiting to unfold. We can each create a world for ourselves that delivers on our hopes and visions for our lives.

Gratitude unlocks the goodness for us, even in the midst of stresses and challenges. Taking note each day of what we are grateful for helps us to see more clearly the gifts that surround us.

Joy is different than positivity or happiness, but an outcome of both of these, lived to the fullest. Imagine an increase in positivity and happiness that unlocks a joyful life. It’s possible!

I can’t wait for all that will unfold in 2013!  I wish you the best on your journey throughout the year.  If you’d like a companion as you go, to bring clarity and accountability, just let me know.

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Happy At Work

I’m involved in a happiness survey project right now. I get an email twice a day with a short series of questions that ask me things like how well I slept, if I’m interacting with anyone, and how I feel right now. I don’t have the result yet, but by in large, I’m a pretty happy person, and feel extremely blessed.

So the question comes – Do you ever take the time to check your emotions, level of satisfaction or happiness during the day? How do you feel in the middle of a challenging day, or at the end of the day?

I ask, because there’s most likely an opportunity to amplify your happiness, or help your employees biggie-size their own happiness. Read more