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True Story: Moving Boulders

Yes, it’s true. The boulders have moved!

Okay. They’ve actually been moving for years, but we just haven’t been able to figure out why. And the “we” here doesn’t mean the royal we which equals “I”, but the broad we meaning other people besides me who happen to be scientists.

Before last week, I hadn’t  even heard about these boulders and the plight of the scientists, but I was fascinated to hear about them (my top character strength after all, is Curiosity) all the same.

The Death Valley

The story goes that these huge boulders in the middle of the desert, some weighing up to 600 lbs., Read more

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Constant Change l Creative Innovation

A few weeks ago, I was in a room with 32 others at Case Western Reserve University. We represented numerous countries around the globe, including Japan, Iceland, Nepal, Spain, Mexico, India, Singapore, New Zealand and the United States.

It was a very interesting and insightful group, and we were all there with purpose – to grow in our ability to serve our clients, and to complete our certification in Appreciative Inquiry (AI) from the “father” of AI, David Cooperrider.

The Beginning

In the late ‘80’s, before the Strengths movements began, and before positive psychology officially charged out of the gate, the Appreciative Inquiry process was softly launched without fanfare, patent or IP protections, for the world to use.

Since then, AI has taken hold in businesses and non-profit organizations large and small, Read more