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Lessons from Ice Cream and Snorkeling

Earlier today, I was gearing up for a sweet chocolate sundae in my kitchen. You know the kind – vanilla, Hershey’s chocolate, cold, smooth…with an open bowl and a handy spoon.

I tugged and tugged at the top of the Double Vanilla, Private Selection, almost-half-gallon-container, but,

It just wouldn’t come off.

It finally dawned on me that this particular brand of ice cream has what seems like a top-secret entry point on the lid. There’s one corner that allows easy access, and all it takes is a gentle, Read more

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Where Leadership Lives

Last month, I met for the second time with a group called the “Sista Circle.” It’s a group of women brought together by the Society of St. Vincent de Paul for the purpose of providing encouragement and support in various ways.

The women of the Sista Circle live in an expansive group of apartment complexes where drug dealing and the sounds of gunshots are not uncommon. I had exposure to some of these women last year through the Leadership Cincinnati program, and was touched by their honesty and open hearts.

Strengths and Leadership

Why am I writing about these women? Well, because I’ve found a tremendous strength in these women and clear signs of leadership Read more