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Contagion In The Workplace

Recently, Facebook took heat for a little “experiment” they conducted at the beginning of the year. They served ads that were considered to be positive or negative to 700,000 FB members to see how it affected their postings. As my friend Mary’s mom used to say — You shouldn’t have done that (and in this case, we’ll complete the sentence with “Facebook”).

Why? Because Facebook didn’t ask permission. They just did it.

However, now that’s clear, what they learned and even published is important and supported by research that’s been done time and again. It’s also validated by experience, when we pay attention. 

Here’s what the experience part might look like: Read more

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The Importance of Breathing

I returned from a week in Maine in early September. I mostly stayed “off the grid,” enjoyed $8 lobster, time with friends, and the beautiful scenery. The trip was fantastic, and it made me think about rats. 
Rats have been fueling research studies for quite some time. I’m not much in the habit of talking about them, but I would like to share a study with you. 
In this particular study, our long-tailed friends were put to the test finding cheese in a maze (if you can imagine). 
A Maze Ing
Here’s how the study worked:
R1 was put into a maze to find cheese. Read more
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Why People Follow

If I were to ask you what four words best describe the reasons people follow leaders, what would you say?

Perhaps, strategic vision? Maybe resilience? What about strengths and emotional intelligence?

Certainly, these are important, but they don’t quite get it, according to Gallup. 

Research, Research, Research

As you know, Gallup has been on a quest to research strengths and leadership for many years. They have studied more than 1 million work teams, conducted over 20,000 interviews with leaders and have interviewed more than 10,000 followers across the globe to see exactly why they followed the leaders who were most important to them in their lives.

They asked one key question for the study:  Read more

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Happy At Work

I’m involved in a happiness survey project right now. I get an email twice a day with a short series of questions that ask me things like how well I slept, if I’m interacting with anyone, and how I feel right now. I don’t have the result yet, but by in large, I’m a pretty happy person, and feel extremely blessed.

So the question comes – Do you ever take the time to check your emotions, level of satisfaction or happiness during the day? How do you feel in the middle of a challenging day, or at the end of the day?

I ask, because there’s most likely an opportunity to amplify your happiness, or help your employees biggie-size their own happiness. Read more

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Does Positivity = Productivity?

As equations go, I’m generally in favor of them. I was an English Writing major in college with a minor in business, so equations usually showed themselves only in my statistics class, and came up again as I earned my MBA.

But really an equation can be:

  • The process of equating one thing with another
  • Defined as a situation or problem in which several factors must be taken into account.

This sounds a little bit like life then, doesn’t it?

Equality for Equations

I’m onto the equation discussion here because I’ve recently been researching a different kind of equation (as defined above) Read more