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Are Your Players Hitting Home Runs?

Devin Mesoraco is a baseball player for the Cincinnati Reds. He spends his time behind the plate catching a leather-covered piece of rubber. Sometimes it comes at him moving just a tad more than 100 mph.  I have some insight into catching a ball hurling through space. I was on both sides of the pitcher/catcher equation in fast pitch softball in college. I can assure you, I neither caught nor threw at that velocity!

As a catcher, and at that speed, you have to be ready for anything.

Even though the catcher gives the signals and expects the pitch to match the signal, that doesn’t always happen.  So, you have to align your expectations and understand what’s possible outside of them.

Batter Up!

The unexpected also peaks its head in when Devin steps up to the batter’s box. Read more

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Creating the Future

I recently had the great pleasure of helping to plan and co-facilitate an event positioned to share learning and create action for change here in Cincinnati! As part of the Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Cincinnati program, this was the execution of my Leadership “class project.” But it was really so much more!  After seven months of planning and with over 100 registrants, you can imagine Read more

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Does Positivity = Productivity?

As equations go, I’m generally in favor of them. I was an English Writing major in college with a minor in business, so equations usually showed themselves only in my statistics class, and came up again as I earned my MBA.

But really an equation can be:

  • The process of equating one thing with another
  • Defined as a situation or problem in which several factors must be taken into account.

This sounds a little bit like life then, doesn’t it?

Equality for Equations

I’m onto the equation discussion here because I’ve recently been researching a different kind of equation (as defined above) Read more