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True Story: Moving Boulders

Yes, it’s true. The boulders have moved!

Okay. They’ve actually been moving for years, but we just haven’t been able to figure out why. And the “we” here doesn’t mean the royal we which equals “I”, but the broad we meaning other people besides me who happen to be scientists.

Before last week, I hadn’t  even heard about these boulders and the plight of the scientists, but I was fascinated to hear about them (my top character strength after all, is Curiosity) all the same.

The Death Valley

The story goes that these huge boulders in the middle of the desert, some weighing up to 600 lbs., Read more

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Brilliant Blunders!

Ira Flatow hosts a radio show called Science Friday on National Public Radio. As you can imagine, it airs on Friday (yes), and it’s about Science (that’s right).

Weird Science

Some of the topics in recent weeks have included:  Insects May Be The Taste of The Next Generation, Resetting the Theory of Time, and The Perils of Plankton.

I don’t know about you, but I find most of this stuff fascinating. Curiosity, after all, is my greatest character strength, as reported by the VIA institute on Character.

I promise, however, that I’m not writing this particular post about bugs, time, or the stuff of the oceans. The latest Science show however, is a whole. other. thing. Not only does it pique my interest but it also includes great lessons for leaders!

Brilliant Blunders

Today, Ira Flatow interviewed astrophysicist and author Mario Livio. His recent book, Brilliant Blunders: From Darwin To Einstein, “explores the colossal errors committed by scientific greats, from chemist Linus Pauling’s botched model of DNA, Read more

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Paradox of the Invisible Man

Not to go all “invisible man” on you, but a recent Appreciative Inquiry engagement with a client identified an opportunity for them to focus on transparency. 

The group I was working with had not been intentionally “un-transparent,” but creating the vision of what they wanted immediately took them down this path.

Words Create Worlds (and Action!)

By the end of our engagement, the team had identified and prioritized numerous actions – built upon the decision to put an intentional focus on being transparent.  Read more