Creating the Future

Creating the Future

by elainesuess

I recently had the great pleasure of helping to plan and co-facilitate an event positioned to share learning and create action for change here in Cincinnati! As part of the Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Cincinnati program, this was the execution of my Leadership “class project.” But it was really so much more!  After seven months of planning and with over 100 registrants, you can imagine it was an exciting and busy day.

We began with the discovery phase of Appreciative Inquiry and moved into the dream phase, where all involved pictured the world as they hoped it could be – a world we could create. We then moved to Open Space areas where participants joined together around identified themes that emerged from the day. A diverse group of attendees made the day rich, where each brought in their personal experience sand insights.

Themes such as “Capitalizing on Community Development and Entrepreneurship,” “Diversity, Inclusion, Collaboration” and even “Discovering and Celebrating Beauty in Cincinnati” were identified as learning journey topics.

For the next two months, nine teams of collaborators, thinkers, creators, innovators and activators will be combing the neighborhoods and streets of the community, uncovering the stories of people and businesses when they’re at their best, and thinking about how to amplify what’s working.

We’ll be coming back together in July to share what was discovered, talk about what’s already been put into place and to plan for what’s to come. It’s an exciting time for the community!


Have you intentionally searched for what’s working well in your business or life lately, in order to do more of it?  What was your experience?

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