Face It. Solve It. Forget It.

Face It. Solve It. Forget It.

by elainesuess

Every one of us is in the people business. We work with people. We sell to people. We serve people. 

But spending much of our day with other people can sometimes be tricky. There are emotions in play and people often disagree when not hearing one another or seeing eye to eye.

Sometimes those disagreements can create big problems. Depending on conflict styles and skill, disagreements may go unresolved, sapping employees of energy and peak performance.

At times, clients have expressed to me they feel just like the book Connie Podesta wrote:  Life Would Be Easy If It Weren’t For Other People.

But, people aren’t going away any time soon, so I wanted to share one rule I learned about conflict, and that’s to manage it rather than ignore it.  This proactive approach will keep your energy high in order to successfully carry out your important work!

24 Hour Rule

In the book Megatrends 2010: the Rise of Conscious Capitalism”  by Patricia Aburdene, the author writes about Ann Mincey from REDKEN and her “24-hour rule.” Ann shared that REDKEN’s secret to revenue growth came from putting one simple rule into place:

She called it the 24-hour rule. 

The rule works like this:  If I have a problem with you, I promise to go to you to ‘face it, solve it and forget it.’ At REDKEN, their solemn agreement is that they do not talk about people behind their backs, but address issues head on, respectfully and professionally, instead.  That value became part of their culture and delivered the intended results. If employees could not manage the issues themselves, they seek out the  help of a supervisor.

The 24-rule payed off in improved employee satisfaction and bottom line results.

How will you be intentional about implementing or making the 24-hour rule your own?


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