Lessons from Ice Cream and Snorkeling

Lessons from Ice Cream and Snorkeling

by elainesuess

Earlier today, I was gearing up for a sweet chocolate sundae in my kitchen. You know the kind – vanilla, Hershey’s chocolate, cold, smooth…with an open bowl and a handy spoon.

I tugged and tugged at the top of the Double Vanilla, Private Selection, almost-half-gallon-container, but,

It just wouldn’t come off.

It finally dawned on me that this particular brand of ice cream has what seems like a top-secret entry point on the lid. There’s one corner that allows easy access, and all it takes is a gentle, easy pull, and you get to the delicious confection inside.

More Pulling

I had another incident like this recently. I was snorkeling on vacation. I can’t get enough of the incredible fish, sea turtles and sea life!  I pulled on my mask and flippers, and no matter how I adjusted it,

My mask wouldn’t stop leaking.

I kept tightening it until I couldn’t stand it any further, but the water still kept sneaking in/leaking in, blurring my vision and ruining the experience.

Loosen Up

Then someone told me that the trick with a snorkeling mask is actually to loosen it for a more effective seal, and, by the way, more comfort! Unfortunately, I didn’t get to try it again before I left for home.

Increased Clarity

Strangely, these incidents made me think of how often we try to make something work by pulling it tighter, tugging it harder, managing it more closely, forcing our approach or trying to control it,

When many times a closer look and different approach could produce the best results.

What will you do to loosen the mask in 2012, so you can see better? It might be worth looking into.

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