One Process – For Happiness And Success

One Process – For Happiness And Success

by elainesuess

My dad is nearing his 80th birthday, and he spends his days quite differently now than he did during his many working years at General Motors as a “financial guy.” Dad

Still, I jokingly ask him what meetings he has, and what processes he’s using. The process thing has been an ongoing joke between us, as we both know that processes make good work habits, but there aren’t too many processes he’s refining these days.

In my own days at GM, I remember uttering the phrase to an agency employee named Steve, saying that “processes make work fun… and without them, work is not fun.”  I was trying to communicate that the current way was not working.

What About You?

What if you could go through a process every day that would make you a better leader, improve your communication, physically see people differently, increase your creativity and make you more productive? Would you do it?

The process I’m talking about is simple, and it works. 

Research supports it, as well as experience.

The Process

The process I’m suggesting is simply to look back at the end of each day (whenever that is for you) to recognize what went right, and why.

We’re often so busy focusing on what didn’t go as planned, and what needs fixing or improving, that we don’t look for what went wonderfully well.


The Results

Over time, this end-of-day practice of looking for and finding what went right trains our brains to look for wins throughout the course of the day (we don’t have to wait until the end of the day!).

For now though, introduce this practice at the end of each day, and it will become a habit that promises to change you in myriad positive ways, for increases in happiness and performance. As an added bonus, your family will notice a difference too.

Best Case – you will actually keep a log of what you find, and can then see the change on paper and in experience.
Second Best Case – just look, make note and log it in your brain.

Try It!

In the words of the 1971 commercial – “Try it. You’ll like it.“  Because when you like it, so will your business, colleagues, boss, employees, and family.

Not bad for one simple process that you can apply…easily and daily.

Wishing you a prosperous, blessed, productive and very happy new year! Let me know of the changes you experience!



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