Our Story

Helping Leaders Maximize Their Performance and Success

Our Story

Helping Leaders Maximize Their Performance and Success

by admin
People ask me why I decided to become a Coach.

The answer is that it didn’t happen overnight.
I worked for General Motors and Hill-Rom companies for over 20 years, in four different states, in various divisions and in numerous capacities, including; sales, marketing, merchandising, product line management, interactive and IT.

I worked with technicians and clinicians. I led product line teams and business teams. I learned critical skills about leading people, and leading teams. I negotiated pricing, and then negotiated my exit from a fantastic 20-years of corporate learning and leading.

I left because I listened to Good to Great by Jim Collins on a drive to work in my Grand Prix, and I paid attention to what I heard: Do what you’re best at, what you’re passionate about and what you can be economically rewarded for.

And, despite these suggestions ending with prepositions (which goes completely against my English major’s most basic instincts), over a decade ago, I started my business.

I launched Beyondbeing to help people and companies move beyond the status quo, so they can do their best work as leaders and business owners, be their best selves as human beings, and lead teams and companies that thrive.

I want to work with you and your company, to do just that.

My “Why.” My Credo.

I believe that:

In every human being there is an inherent brilliance.
The potential in each of us is limitless.
In vulnerability as leaders, we find possibility.
Building solutions is more effective than simply fixing problems.
The best solution to any issue usually resides within us.
The words we use create the worlds we live in.
When we ask more and tell less, we tap into the capacity of others.
A positive approach to leadership delivers meaningful business results.
When leaders and companies have the tools they need to change, they thrive.

Elaine Suess, PCC, CLTMC President, Beyondbeing

We take a values-driven approach to our work.

My Core Values


Thought provoking, inquiring, listening


Pushing outside of comfort zones, taking challenges head on


Understanding where others are in their journeys


Looking carefully through the lens. Caring and candid.


Finding the humor to help clients, especially in times of stress.

My Top Strengths


Determines how all the pieces and resources can be arranged for maximum impact


Makes things happen by turning thoughts into action


Contagious enthusiasm, seeing the glass full and sipping


Easily engages with others and puts thoughts into words


Works hard and possess a great deal of stamina

Certifications • Assessments • Associations


Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce Empowerment Award nomination – 2015
Businesses WE Watch – 2013
Athena Award nominee – 2012
Wendy H. Steele for Volunteer Excellence – 2011


Certified Leadership and Talent Management Coach
Certified Core Skills Coach, Conversational Intelligence™
Certified Barrett Values Cultural Transformation Tools™
Certified Social and Emotional Intelligence® Coach
Certified Appreciative Inquiry Practitioner

Beyondbeing Giving Back

An important value for Elaine; working with not-for-profit organizations as volunteer, board member and as coach and consultant.

Women Helping Women
Impact 100
St. Vincent de Paul
Hospice of Cincinnati
Cincinnati Works
Crayons to Computers
Cincinnati Nature Center
Union Bethel
Dress for Success
Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce