Paradox of the Invisible Man

Paradox of the Invisible Man

by elainesuess

Not to go all “invisible man” on you, but a recent Appreciative Inquiry engagement with a client identified an opportunity for them to focus on transparency. 

The group I was working with had not been intentionally “un-transparent,” but creating the vision of what they wanted immediately took them down this path.

Words Create Worlds (and Action!)

By the end of our engagement, the team had identified and prioritized numerous actions – built upon the decision to put an intentional focus on being transparent. 

And the results have been phenomenal.

The intention, along with additional strategies, has increased and improved cooperation, trust, productivity, outcomes — and happiness!

Think Again

So, if you think you’re being transparent, you might wish to take another look — and make sure others think so too. Transparency can lead to increased employee engagement as well as bottom line results.

Actions you can take to be more transparent:

  • Communicate, communicate, communicate – Use multiple means to communicate your strategies and intentions to stakeholders, including face-to-face meetings (sometimes overlooked these days).
  • Involve your stakeholders – What is it they want and need from you? When was the last time you asked? Talk to them. Ask them. Listen to them.
  • What else can you share? – You may have information your stakeholders consider valuable. Why not establish a process to share it with them?

We’re moving at a fast pace. Even change is changing.

Here’s where the paradox comes in — when you’re transparent, you’re visible.

Be transparent. Be visible.


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