Risky Business -Try It!

Risky Business -Try It!

by elainesuess

I’ve been inspired in the last month by a number of clients who have embraced opportunities they had previously considered to be “risky business.”

In this context, the business that is risky has nothing to do with the movie by the name, or Tom Cruise, and the risks are perfectly legal. As a matter of fact, not only is this risky business stuff legal, I’m personally recommending it!

Beyond the Box

As you move through the day, what are the things that you’re hesitating on that you’d really like to put into place or try at work?

When have you shelved an idea because you couldn’t be sure about the outcome?

Where is that tickle of an idea in your brain that you keep pushing out of sight?

 What would happen if you Rethink, Recalibrate, Reconsider, some of these “risky ideas” and take a chance on them?

Be a Risky Business Professional

What would it mean for you to take a risk? To move forward with your thought or plan, not knowing the outcome?

The answer: It could be the best thing you’ve ever done, for you and for those with whom you work.

Another answer: It might not work out the way you planned, but that’s ok, because:  disclaimer — no one was hurt in this effort to embrace risky business, and I can try again.

I challenge you to think of the possibilities, not the improbabilities.  Let me know what happens!

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