Dynamic Speaker


Dynamic Speaker

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Dynamic Speaker

As a speaker, I love the opportunity to connect with audiences in dynamic ways.
I am known for delivering interesting, engaging and humorous talks that encourage new thinking and drive positive impact.
Let me know your goals, and I’ll tailor an interactive talk for your audience.
I can’t wait to get started!

Most Often Requested Topics:

+ Conversational Leadership
+ Conversational IntelligenceTM
+ Strengthening Communication and Managing Conflict
+ The Genius of Inquiry
+ The Intersection of Strengths and Performance

"Speak the speech, I pray you…trippingly on the tongue." — Shakespeare

“I attended your session yesterday and thought your talk was spot on. The observation I had was that we got what you were saying about communication in two, three-minute exercises. Imagine what we could accomplish if we had 10 minutes with just one employee.”

“Your session was truly stellar!”

“This was my favorite session of the day.”

“I appreciated your humor and your message. A very informative and enjoyable talk. ”

“Very practical application of neuroscience. I thought it was an interesting topic!”

“Great! Thought provoking questions, great content – and I’ll be bringing this back to work in my own conversations!”

“Very smart!”

“Elaine was super! Kept the audience engaged the entire time with good information and food for thought.”

“Elaine’s approach is refreshing, and what a great presenter!”

“What a wonderful way to look at communication and to monitor ourselves when dealing with the numerous conversations!”

“Elaine, you are a revelation! Your talk was amazing. You mixed an incredibly conversational style with very substantive content. Thank you!”

“A very great speaker she was!”