Stick Your Head Under Water

Stick Your Head Under Water

by elainesuess

I was at Spring Grove cemetery the other day – a common stopping point for me. It’s beautiful, quiet and my character strength of curiosity is always in full swing there.

I had just finished a short run, and as I was standing by the water, a couple of ducks snuck up behind me. There was no clucking or quacking, but the white duck started looking for something to eat in the green muck. As it searched, it submerged its bill slightly in the water.

After a few minutes, my duck friend had had enough of the muck, and completely submerged its head in the water. Strangely, (I know!) it made me think about how many people would be well served to “get away from the muck” and stick their heads in the water!

We all have something that’s blocking us – that keeps us from attempting the great things that are possible for us. What would happen if you decided to take a deep dive today, to put your head in the water and go for what you want!?

What is one thing you would like to accomplish but have been putting off, or telling yourself it can’t be done?

It could be as simple as starting a blog, or as challenging as starting a business. It might be as easy as signing up for an exercise class, or as tricky as taking the steps toward a new career.

To help you, here are four steps you can take today to get moving, banish fear, and stop procrastinating:

1. Believe you can do it! Challenge what’s blocking you. If fear is keeping you moving forward, the thought behind the fear is often not true. It’s just waiting for you to poke it in the eye!

2. Neutralize your weakness (and create more energy!). If the thought of what you need to do drains you, take on one of the strategies Marcus Buckingham suggests:

• Get a little better where you’re weak
• Design a support system
• Use a strength to overwhelm the weakness
• Find a partner
• Stop doing what drains you


3.  Plan and prioritize – it’s easy to do the simple things first, so start instead with something that’s more difficult. Put the challenging things on your calendar. The act of getting started often replaces the dread of doing.

4. Get an accountability partner – find someone with whom you can share your goal, and be accountable to that person.

It’s summer. The water is warm. Dive in.

~  ~ ~

You can create what you want! What steps will you take today, and what strategy will you use to make it happen?

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