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Inspired Leaders

Success Stories

Inspired Leaders

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Success Stories

Inspired Leaders

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So many would-be coaches or career development consultants offer superficial or abstract advice that does little good in the end. Not Elaine. She persists in keeping the focus on concrete efforts that have meaningful impact on my business – and personal – growth.”

– Jamie Bryant,  President, B-Books Publishing

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“Elaine helps me crystallize my thinking about how I want to manage and grow my business. She keeps me on task and provides the external support I need to get the most out of our coaching sessions. In fact, her way of structuring our coaching time informed how I develop and manage talent inside my organization.The new attention I’m paying to leadership issues inside my firm is bearing fruit. My effectiveness has most definitely increased while I’ve been working with Elaine as a coach.”

Jamie Bryant,
President B-books Ltd

“Elaine recently used Appreciative Inquiry to facilitate an excellent two-day retreat. Under Elaine’s very capable guidance the work group was able to re-vision a new department structure and method of serving students that plays to the individual and collective strengths of the group. The time spent on the process was incredibly valuable and I highly reccomend Elaine for this type of work at your place of business.”

Tina Whalen,
Associate Dean, University of Cincinnati

“Not only has Elaine worked with me, but leaders on my team as well. She helped us shift our perspectives and provided us with new tools and approaches. She helped my leaders bring the best parts of themselves to the office, and helped them get the best out of their own direct reports. They are engaging more effectively with their direct reports, the leadership team and business are stronger, and the employees are more engaged.”

Erin Arnold,
President, NextStep Networking

“I’m a better manager and a more comfortable, confident leader because of the coaching Elaine provided. I valued Elaine’s personal approach and the fact that there were no “cookie cutter” solutions to the challenges I brought to the table each week. As a result, I walked away from each of our sessions with the tools I needed to be more effective in the specific situations I was facing. We worked together for more than a year and it remains the most positive leadership development experience I have had.”

Jay Shatz,
Owner and President, Jay TV

“Elaine has helped us assess and build corporate culture, and provided executive coaching to my direct reports and me. She has utilized a variety of helpful assessments, including Cultural Values Assessment, Myers-Briggs and TKI. In addition, she led my Leadership Team through a two-day workshop based on the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team. She has been extremely helpful in helping us work through challenging situations to build better relationships and appropriate behaviors. She uses a variety of helpful tools and approaches, and recommends readings to reinforce and direct her counsel. I strongly recommend her.”

Bill Hopple,
President/Executive Director, Cincinnati Nature Center

“Elaine is a masterful facilitator and coach. Her unassuming, authentic, and engaging style establishes trust and gives credence to her message. She quickly connects with a group and creates a relaxed environment that enables everyone to be open and participative.”

Peggy Zink,
CEO, Cincinnati Works

“I am in a new position were I work with a number of diverse professionals across multiple insitutions. Not only did Elaine’s process help identifiy my strengths and where I have opportuties to grow, she also customized my training to address communications styles and conflict management. As a result of my coaching, I am more aware of my strengths and management style, and how I can use that information to become a more effective and productive leader.”

Laureen McCorkle,
Director of Development, Cincinnati Cancer Center

“I had no idea how much we could accomplish through coaching in such a short period of time!”

Samantha Sakemiller,
Brand Manager, P&G

“We found that the Strengths and Leadership training offered by Beyondbeing was invaluable. I was especially grateful that you tailored the training to meet our needs and our desires as opposed to a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Over the course of the training, I observed that the training helped stretch our entire team to reach new goals. The Leadership team in particular starting seeing each other from a new perspective and learned to appreciate the uniqueness that each one brings to the dynamic of our organization.

The proof of the overall effect was in our sales. We more than achieved our established goal. In fact, we ranked in near top of the over 1600 restaurants in the chain for percent of sales increase. I attribute much of this success to the training and esprit de corps that the Leadership training fostered amongst our key leaders.”

Tom Sutton,
Owner, Chick-fil-A Eastgate

“I have been in the workforce for 40+ years and have participated in many “leadership” seminars. I came into this seminar with the preconceived notion that this was going to be just another one of those things we had to do but did not see much value in.

However, I was pleasantly surprised with the day Elaine had prepared for us. It was insightful and actually gave me information that was useful for my day to day job responsibilities.”

Michael Sutterfield,
IT, University of Cincinnati

“Your Strengths class was great. I think about enhancing strengths now, vs. laboring about weaknesses. The philosophy I had been taught was always ‘how do we work to improve weaknesses.’ How wrong have we been? Now, we use ‘remember your strengths’ as a catchphrase at work (and home), too. Thanks again. Your work is very life changing.”

Tawnya Dunn,
Finance Director, GCBHS

“Working with Elaine was a great experience. As a “career changer” I needed to not only identify my strengths more clearly, I also needed to see how those strengths could be applied in a new field. Elaine was great at asking the tough questions in a way that was positive, supportive and filled with humor. After working with Elaine, I have a much better sense of who I am, and what I am capable of doing beyond what I thought I “should” be doing.”

Margaret O’Gorman,
Project Manager, SEEK Company

“Working with Elaine over the past year has been insightful and inspiring from my own personal perspective, as well for our organization’s managers and executive team. Her focus on appreciative inquiry and strengths-based leadership has helped us to implement a more positive and refreshing approach to teamwork and organizational leadership. We hope to have more opportunities to work with her in the future.”

Cassie Beck Whitehouse,
HR Manager, Cincinnati Union Bethel

“Leadership Council was pleased to hire Elaine Suess to lead a wonderful three part workshop series on Strengths Based Leadership. Her in depth knowledge of the Strengths subject, combined well with her ability to lead the group in interactive discussions, allowing the participants to really “soak in” the messaging, and take it back to the office for application. The participant feedback has been excellent, and I highly recommend Elaine”

Jenny Berg,
Executive Director, Leadership Council

“Elaine was hired as my business and leadership coach and she delivered way more than I expected. Her passion as well as compassion when working with me on my goals and creating myself to become a stronger business woman. Her ability to find and help you use the strengths that you have already was done masterfully. I am forever gratefull that I worked with her. It would be impossible to sing her praises any louder.”

Heather Haas Scheibelhut,
Relationship Manager, NextStep Networking

“Elaine’s approach has a time-released brilliance to it. Rather than simply giving you the answers for today—which may be irrelevant as soon as tomorrow—she teaches you how to ask the type of astute questions about yourself and your organization that will stand the test of time. Working with her has been one of the highlights of my professional career.”

Ryan Hays
Executive Vice President, Higher Education 

“Elaine Suess is an AMAZING leadership coach! I participated in her Circles of Six Strengths Based Leadership class and it was incredible. She has a unique ability to gently guide individuals down the path to self awareness! I have learned so much about my strengths as an individual, leader and a team member. My increased level of awareness has had a positive effect on my business strategies!!”

Lisa Mill,
PhD, Principal, Sprout Insight LLC

“Elaine has passion, creativity and insight that are truly inspiring. She has the ability to quickly assess a situation, take interpersonal and business objectives into consideration, and smoothly deliver an approach to achieve results. She’s a joy to work with and a wonderful blend of business acumen and professionalism. I highly recommend working with Elaine! It will prove to be a rewarding experience.”

Craig Schweiger,
Director, Fusion Alliance

“Since beginning my work with Elaine, I have been able to implement her strategies to help propel me to be a more effective business owner. She helped me sidestep many of the mistakes and pitfalls that entrepreneurs make. The material she presents and the solutions she brings to the table are relevant and seem so obvious and simple, but without her help and guidance I wouldn’t have been able to find them myself. This growth in becoming a better leader and business owner is surely setting me up for success in my field and in life.

Anyone interested in setting themselves up for success in their business will be smart to invset in Beyondbeing’s coaching and training.”

Eric Oliver,
President, Beyond Excercise LLC

Elaine is a deep listener. She has an accepting and open coaching presence and straightforward style, which enables her to quickly establish trust with her clients. You can confidently and confidentially say anything to her! At the same time, she is highly flexible and was able to immediately adapt to new issues brought into the discussion. By listening and asking questions, Elaine helped me to realize (and begin to act upon) the certainty that the only obstacle standing between me and needed growth, new perspectives and greater fulfillment is me.”

M.B. Reilly,
Director of Public Relations

“If you treat an individual as he is, he will remain how he is.
But if you treat him as if he were what he ought to be and could be,
he will become what he ought to be and could be.”

-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


"Elaine introduced Appreciative Inquiry as the basis of our strategic planning process. Her effectiveness was in her ability to tailor it to optimally fit the organization. After our work, we now have an inspiring strategic plan that is being implemented on a daily basis. Our organization is on the move!"

James Clark, Director, Higher Education

Beyondbeing Executive Coach

James Clark, Director, Higher Education

"Elaine introduced Appreciative Inquiry as the basis of our strategic planning process. Her effectiveness was in her ability to tailor it to optimally fit the organization. After our work, we now have an inspiring strategic plan that is being implemented on a daily basis. Our organization is on the move!"
Beyondbeing Executive Coach


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