Your True Self

Your True Self

by elainesuess

This morning finds me thinking about water, and its power.

I was at a concert recently in Cincinnati’s new Washington Park, and the water feature there is amazing for its power to attract. The community gathers around it, laughing, active, together.


Other powerful water experiences come to mind for me — trips to Niagara Falls, the Hoover Damn and most recently, Iguazu in Argentina.

There is such a difference in the power of water when it is dammed up, and when it is released.

How strong water can be to pull people towards it, and how powerful is it when it is fully unconstrained!


Our True Selves

Of course, this post is not all about water, but about having the confidence to release our good, whole, true selves.

I have found in coaching leaders that fear sometimes “dams up” the ability to be who we are, and that when we push through that fear, our true selves can be powerfully released, just like the falls at Iguazu, or Niagra, or even the water in Washington Park.

So, the question I’ll pose to you today…are you living your true self? Are you eschewing your false self?

It’s an important question, because denying yourself the ability to release the power of who you really are, keeps you from the complete joy you can be living, and it keeps your employees, co-workers and colleagues from experiencing you at your very best.

True Self, or false self?

Fear, or the Real You?

We make this choice every day in the many ways we communicate. In the things we do.

This is not a “5 steps to your true self post,” but an encouragement to beat back the fingers of fear. To look fear in the face, and challenge it. To challenge those thoughts that seem to be real, but are not. So you can be who you were meant to be.

Standing at the waters of Iguazu was an amazing experience. I was so close, the rumbling, the spray, the reach of the water. The pure power of that body of water going exactly where it was supposed to. Going where it was intended. 

Gather your courage. Unleash your power, your true self!

Iguazu Falls Video  (it’s loud, so watch your speakers! : )

What one thing will you intentionally do today that you could not do yesterday, to live to your fullest? Let me know! 

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